My Experience at Prime Health Physical Therapy

On June 14th 2009, I had a bad motorcycle accident. After surgery and rest it was time for physical therapy. I came to Prime Health Physical Therapy on July 22, 2009. Thanks to Dr. Davis and his wonderful staff. I was back to being on the road to a good recovery. Besides the great work they do and all the kindness they provide it was all worth it. My last visit was on September 25th 2009 and if it wasn’t for this office and all these good people I wouldn’t be were I am today. Thank you so much for all that you have done.
Robert S. September 28, 2009
Roselle Park, New Jersey

Total Knee Replacement

During May I had a total knee replacement. When I first stood upright again, I was unsure that I could ever walk normal again. I began physical therapy at hospital, in my home followed by Physical Therapy at Prime Health Physical Therapy in Linden. I had undergone out Patient physical therapy for about2 months and it is with great pride that I acknowledge that I have achieved the goals I set, and feel confident that my future activities will be affected minimally by knee limitations. I give a great deal of credit to the therapist who worked with and for me patiently during the past two months. Each of therapists was very competent, positive, courteous, friendly and extremely supportive. During each session, I was both challenged and encouraged and with their continued and wonderful support, I was back on my feet and resumed my functional activities without any fear.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each therapist who assisted me on the road to recovery.
Albert, Age 65
New Jersey

Ankle Surgeries

Thanks to Dr. Davis and Prime Health Physical Therapy. I have received wonderful and professional care following two surgeries to my ankle and a surgery to my knee. I couldn’t be as active as I am today without this help. The staff is great! So helpful and encouraging. Highly recommended!!
Jordan, Age 49

ACL Reconstructive Surgery

I torn my ACL during a inter school soccer game. Following the ACL reconstructive surgery, I knew that therapy was my only avenue to a quick and healthy recovery, yet I was very nervous to start the Physical Therapy Treatments. After my first visit, I knew that Dr. Davis and everyone else at Prime Health Physical Therapy were going to take great care of me and help me to recover from this injury. Within a couple of weeks, I began looking forward to my therapy sessions at Prime Health because of the great work my therapists did and also the fun-filled, enthusiastic environment from the rest of the staff. After my time at Prime Health, I feel very confident about my recovery and would recommend anyone I knew to come to Prime Health Physical Therapy in LINDEN. Thank you for your help and I very glad to tell you that I now resumed plying my favorite sport again! I am looking forward to the next try out and to compete again in inter school games as part of my school team.

Lisa, Age 16
New Jersey

Sciatic Issues

I came to your office with a history of sciatic issues that I was suffering on and off for almost three years. I had a few sessions of physical therapy at another facility close to my office. Then my orthopedic physician advised me to see a Certified McKenzie Therapist. You examined me and put me through a few exercises, and determined that I have some disc as well as posture issues. You provided me with tips to sit properly at work and McKenzie Exercises to continue at home and work. You are a miracle worker!!! I took your advice and religiously followed your instruction. In about two weeks, I became symptoms free and very proud to say that I have been 100% pain free for the first time in over 2 years!!!!

I want to thank you for your professionalism in diagnosing an issue that has eluded other therapists and affecting my life for more than a few years. I can’t, yet, express what it is like to have no pain. At some point, I will be able to express it …. But for now …. 1 am going to enjoy a pain free existence!!!!

Thanks to Dr. Davis and McKenzie Treatment!!!!!!!!
Mehta S, Age 52
Elizabeth, NJ

Whiplash Injury

Dear Dr. Davis,
I wanted to “Thank You” for all of your help in improving my terrible whiplash injury. When I came to see you, I was in really bad shape. I wasn’t even able to turn my head at all or hold my head up on my own. Your treatments helped immensely and in just my first visit to you, my range of motion was greatly improved. I am feeling much better and, thanks to you, have complete range of motion again, which I wasn’t sure was possible in the beginning. Thank you again. I will definitely be referring my family and friends your way.
J- New Jersey