Services : Isokinetic Rehabilitation
One of the main benefits of isokinetic exercise is that it can be controlled to prevent injury. Taking the example of the exercise bike, customizable settings can reduce the chance of a resistance-based injury or one that occurs from pedaling too fast.

Because isokinetic exercise is a relatively controlled form of exercise, it's often used in physical therapy. Skilled physical therapy professionals may include isokinetic stationary machines as part of a regimen for healthy recovery after an injury or surgical procedure. In fact, according to some experts, isokinetic exercise machines are still making their way from the physical therapy office out to the general population.

As an additional benefit of isokinetic exercise, some argue that it works more related muscle groups by promoting changes in ratios of muscle use. As the resistance changes, the muscles experience variance, and this can encourage a greater array of training results.

In addition, Prime Health Physical Therapy is now offering Biodex Isokinetic muscle testing to help provide clients with improved results and shorter recovery times. The new Biodex Isokinetic muscle testing is a great tool for patients who need a faster rehabilitation process, and also for patients who are undergoing therapy. The new technology applies to most athletes who suffered an injury and need a fast and instant check-up to find the root cause of the injury.

Biodex Isokinetic is for testing and rehabilitating muscle imbalances and deficiencies due to injury, improper training or post-surgery. It is imperative to overall performance in any sport or activity.

"It is an invaluable, objective tool to evaluate and specifically target rehab for muscle imbalance or weakness due to injury, or post-surgery,"

People can be injured in a variety of different ways, and these injuries require distinct treatments. With Biodex Isokinetic muscle testing, Physical Therapists at Prime Health Physical Therapy will be able to provide the appropriate treatment in a very short period of time, alleviating further discomfort and pain to the patients.

Prime Health Physical Therapy offers patients a state-of-the-art facility with the highest quality health care available.

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